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Choosing Handmade Fashion Jewelry

There is something very special and unique about handmade accessories. Supporting one that has handmade items rather than manufactured gives that specific item more value and significance. You can tell the difference between a handmade and manufactured product within seconds, and certain qualities make handmade items stand out. There are many different qualities that make up handmade accessories. For one, no machines are used to make these items/products. That means that everything is made with an individuals own hands. Jewelry made by hand are actually much more sustainable because it does not use any type of machinery when made. You can see the unique details in an item when it is handmade, rather than manufactured.

Why To Wear Handmade Jewelry

Many people prefer to wear only handmade fashion jewelry because of its special look. Did you know that handmade jewelry is higher quality? This is because someone is taking their personal time to work on your piece slowly and cautiously rather than making a lot of it at once, so it most likely won’t break or tear. By doing this with your own hands, jewelry makers ensure that their products are perfect before preparing to be sold to their consumers. Handmade fashion jewelry from Whitney Howard Designs is made with high quality metals and fabrics, and will last you a long time.

A handmade piece of jewelry is an excellent gift to give. Did you know that handmade pieces help the environment? This is because it does not take machinery and electricity to make the items, it is all naturally done, helping us save energy. This is a great reason for gifting a handmade item, because of its special value. Whitney Howard Designs provides their clients with the best handmade accessories, so that they can wear it with honor and be proud of their pieces.


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