Bat Mitzvah Traditional Jewelry

Bat Mitzvah Traditional Jewelry

In the Jewish religion, when a young girl finally becomes a woman at age 12, it is tradition to have a party for her. This party is called a Bat Mitzvah, where everyone gathers together to celebrate a girl’s becoming and her maturity. With this special ceremony, she basically is to have the same rights that an adult has, and is treated like one too. Depending on the strictness of your religion, some families allow their daughters to make their own decisions once hitting this landmark. That is, she would be morally in charge and responsible of her actions after this celebration. Whitney Howard Designs has special Bat Mitzvah Jewelry to honor the girls who officially become women.

The Bat Mitzvah Process

During the process of a Bat Mitzvah ceremony, a girl will study the Torah with her Hebrew teacher to get prepared for the reading before the ceremony. This is usually a tradition, while some non-religious families do not do a Torah reading. Before the official party begins, the girl will read a specific passage in the language of Hebrew from the book out loud to her family and friends. During this performance, the family of the daughter will often go up in front of their guests to be honored. This is the official start to becoming a woman. Then the fun begins-the party!

Bat Mitzvahs are designed to be enjoyed. While this party is to remind us that the rest of your life is awaiting you and is just beginning, you celebrate by dancing all night, eating good food, and being surrounded by great company. Many people will arrive with special gifts for the daughter, as a way of saying both happy birthday and congratulations on reaching adulthood. For the end of the party, most often the daughter will hand out party favors. Whitney Howard Designs has a wonderful selection of birthday party favors . These party favors are a special way to thank someone for attending your event, and being apart of your life. Party favors are very much appreciated and they are exciting to receive.

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