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November 21, 2016


Learning to Grieve

When going through life, you will most likely experience some sad events that happen unexpectedly. This can be a very troubling time in one’s life, and death is often a surprise to us all. Death is a very scary word to most people, but we all face it at some point or another. The definition of grief can mean several things to us. Grief can mean deep regret of something that occurred in one’s own life, or it can mean feeling sorrow over the loss of someone that was important to you or impacted you in some way or another. Of course we do not know why these things occur to people that we are close to, but it is a way of life and we learn to accept it over time.


The grieving process takes different amounts of time for certain people. It can take a few weeks, a few months, or even many years to overcome the loss of someone dear. It is really important to be there for people during the grieving process, to ensure them that they are not alone when suffering with pain. Knowing that you have family and friends around you during this difficult and tough time can really help someone overcome the loss much faster. Showing you care and making an effort will really help that person get back on their feet again.


Whitney Howard Designs provides grieving gifts for their clients. This could be useful for your friends or family going through this loss, or even for yourself if you are experiencing this loss personally. These jewelry pieces are meant to inspire people and lift them up when they are feeling very down. Wearing something that has an inspirational quote or inspirational meaning that will remind you to keep on going every day can really benefit someone. If you know someone going through a hard time, you could also show your appreciation with Whitney Howard’s memorial gifts. These type of gifts are very special, in which they honor someone who passed away. You can create their name on the piece of jewelry to symbolize that they are always together.

November 14, 2016


Buddha’s Inspiration

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The Buddha was a sacred and idolized figure in earlier years. Gautama Buddha was looked upon as guidance and as a belief system for many people who were looking for a God like figure. The word Buddha is originated from the meaning of the word, which is “one who is awake”. He spread the teachings of belief of his system called “Buddhism” which was taught first to many people across India. His practices were widely known as he taught human beings how to end rebirth and their pain/sufferings.


Over the many years of his existence, he spread his teachings to various people such as merchants, servants, murderers, and nobles. In Buddhism, many people heal their spirits and their souls by using forms of meditation, similar to yoga. This meditation is used to simply promote karma and rebirth. By finding your own consciousness in yourself through meditation, it is said by Buddhists that they are able to reduce their sufferings.


Buddha rings have become increasingly popular since the spread of this religion came into play. Many people think of Gautama Buddha as their God, and wear jewelry with his quotes, his pictures, and his words for inspiration on a daily basis. They help people wake up every morning and do good for the world. Karma is a huge belief system for Buddhists, and it encourages them to obtain good deeds in the world. Kindness is always a part of this system, and that is where karma conjoins.
Whitney Howard Designs carries special Buddha jewelry to inspire others to spread good value towards others. Many people who do yoga as a form of meditation and relaxation started doing this because of the inspiration from Buddha himself, and found that it heals their souls. Buddha is a reminder to all that you can eliminate your sufferings and pain by working on yourself

November 14, 2016


Bat Mitzvah Traditional Jewelry

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In the Jewish religion, when a young girl finally becomes a woman at age 12, it is tradition to have a party for her. This party is called a Bat Mitzvah, where everyone gathers together to celebrate a girl’s becoming and her maturity. With this special ceremony, she basically is to have the same rights that an adult has, and is treated like one too. Depending on the strictness of your religion, some families allow their daughters to make their own decisions once hitting this landmark. That is, she would be morally in charge and responsible of her actions after this celebration. Whitney Howard Designs has special Bat Mitzvah Jewelry to honor the girls who officially become women.

The Bat Mitzvah Process

During the process of a Bat Mitzvah ceremony, a girl will study the Torah with her Hebrew teacher to get prepared for the reading before the ceremony. This is usually a tradition, while some non-religious families do not do a Torah reading. Before the official party begins, the girl will read a specific passage in the language of Hebrew from the book out loud to her family and friends. During this performance, the family of the daughter will often go up in front of their guests to be honored. This is the official start to becoming a woman. Then the fun begins-the party!

Bat Mitzvahs are designed to be enjoyed. While this party is to remind us that the rest of your life is awaiting you and is just beginning, you celebrate by dancing all night, eating good food, and being surrounded by great company. Many people will arrive with special gifts for the daughter, as a way of saying both happy birthday and congratulations on reaching adulthood. For the end of the party, most often the daughter will hand out party favors. Whitney Howard Designs has a wonderful selection of birthday party favors . These party favors are a special way to thank someone for attending your event, and being apart of your life. Party favors are very much appreciated and they are exciting to receive.

November 14, 2016


William Shakespeare Inspired Jewelry

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William Shakespeare made a huge mark on history with his influential impact. Shakespeare was a famous English poet, actor, and playwright. He was most widely known for writing tragedies and romances such as Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, and many others. Many people continue to look up to this intelligent writer, and Whitney Howard Designs provides special Shakespeare quotable jewelry for his name to live on.
Shakespeare Inspired Many People

Shakespeare is considered a hero to many people, as they idolize him for all of his success. His special work with romances and tragedies helped motivate the people of his time to find love for one another, and to find love in plays. His main goal throughout his life was to entertain his crowds, and that he did. He introduced acting and playwriting in such a unique way, that Shakespeare inspired others to follow their dreams. He also had a unique and different use of words, some that people did not understand, but were eager to learn.


Whitney Howard Designs creates inspiring quotable cuffs for people of all ages. More specifically, the Shakespeare quoted cuff states a famous saying by the legend himself. “To thine own self be true”, while this special quote can mean something different to each person, it has a unique explanation. One meaning could be that you must always be true to yourself, and always be honest in your ways. Another meaning could be that you must always do the right thing, that you feel in your heart is correct. This special quotable cuff can help someone believe in themselves, and follow their dreams. This Shakespeare quotable jewelry can help someone get through good times, and bad times, and find strength.

November 07, 2016


The Meanings Of Promise Rings

Blessing Rings, Promise Rings

You probably have seen a friend or family member receive a promise ring from their significant other, or maybe you even received one yourself. Promise rings are very special and valuable gifts, that have been used for many years to symbolize love. Did you know that promise rings have been given for many centuries? These special rings actually can have two different meanings.


The first meaning is that one wears a promise ring to remind themselves that they are pure and will save themselves for marriage. The second meaning is when given as a gift from a significant other, it is a promise that they will be together for eternity and get married one day. This is symbolized to show a couple how serious their relationship is, and that they are completely committed to one another. While both meanings are beautiful, Whitney Howard Designs provides I love you jewelry to let you know that you are loved every day.


Promise rings can be given in any way you wish. You can even give yourself a promise ring to remind you that there is so much more to life, and you have just seen a small part of it. Loving yourself is the most important start, because you can’t fully love someone else until you have loved yourself first. The word “I love you” is so valuable to each individual on earth, and being loved by someone is the most incredible feeling. That is why Whitney Howard Designs creates special jewelry to remind everyone that they are loved.


Promise rings are a very thoughtful and meaningful gift. If you have someone that you want to share your love with, than you should never wait. You should always go with your gut and what your heart wants you to do. Your significant other will appreciate this gift greatly and it will make them very happy. Don’t wait to tell someone you love them, because anything can happen at any moment in time. Waking up in the morning and looking at your I love you jewelry is truly a happy blessing.

November 07, 2016


John Muir Jewelry

Blessing Rings, John Muir

John Muir, who was also referred to as “John Of The Mountains” was a great figure in history. He was an environmental philosopher, a naturalist, and an author. Many people looked up to John Muir as a public figure because he was a huge advocate of preserving the wilderness and nature. John Muir’s activism helped preserve many historical parks, such as Sequoia National Park and the Yosemite. He also wrote a very popular book read by many people, talking about his discoveries and his nature adventures. Whitney Howard Designs created John Muir Jewelry for those who are inspired to do good in the world, like he did himself.


John Muir is a big inspiration to our country. He cared about wildlife, and did everything in his power to help preserve it without harm. This is very courageous, while many activists in his time could not exceed to achieve what he has. He is proudly looked upon as a political spokesperson, and an ecological thinking human being. His work influenced many other people to continue to live on his legacy, and help preserve our precious nature. The special cuff bracelet Whitney Howard Designs created honoring John Muir says, “Climb the mountaints and get their good tidings”. This inspirational quote can have several different meanings, depending on each individual’s own perspectives. One meaning of this quote can be that nature is out there waiting for you, and you should go experience parts of nature that have not been ruined by humans. This will be a humble experience for you, and you should go explore nature to do some good for your body and soul.


While John Muir continues to inspire many people to wake up in the morning and go do what they love, Whitney Howard Designs special John Muir Braceletscan give you that extra boost of confidence. You can look at your bracelet every day and decide what type of story you want your life to tell. The journey is out there, and you just have to step out of your comfort zone to find true happiness.

November 07, 2016


The Joy Of Giving Christening Gifts


In the Christian religion, it is often a tradition for many people to have a christening when their son or daughter is born into the world. A christening is another word for a baptism, and is valued and honored by many people in this religion. This celebratory event happens in the early stages of a newborn’s life, to honor their existence. This celebration technically means that he or she is a child of god.

Many christenings take place at a church, usually one that the child’s family attends on a regular basis. Family members and friends all gather together and join the christening’s family to witness this special day. Normally, the child being christened will arrive to the event with his or her parents, and godparents as well. Normally in the christian religion, godparents are honored for children as their secondary parents if there were an incident of death in the family. Normally the children of the family wear white clothing for the event, and everyone attending dresses formally. The parents of the child have a big role in this event, as they take part in the actions and the blessings.

Giving Special Christening Gifts

Whitney Howard Designs knows how special and valuable a christening is to people in the Christian religion. This is why Whitney Howard Designs provides their clients with special christening gifts that will allow a family to remember this special moment in time. In a christening ceremony, water is poured over the child’s head in order to cleanse the child of their past sins. Then after the ceremony and blessings are over, there is often a small party for the child, where they celebrate with happiness and laughter.

A great present to give one who just had a christening ceremony are encouragement gifts. This will help them remember this special day in their lives and encourage them to continue to believe in their Christianity and to strive for greatness.Whitney Howard Designs can help make these special moments count, because giving christening gifts can be very valuable.


November 02, 2016


Gifting Family Reunion Party Favors

Family to many people is the most important thing in the world. A family can be many people, a few people, or even one person. Family members do not necessarily need to be related to you by blood, it can even be a close friend. The word family leaves a sense of security to many people. They provide love, support, and are there for each other in times of need. If there is one person you can trust completely with anything, than they are like your family.

We learn new things about the world everyday, and often times it is because of our family members. Because of each persons own individual experiences, they are able to share moments, thoughts, and educate us on things we are not aware of. This is how we grow and learn- from each person in our family. At the end of the day, all you really need is your family to strive through life. A family picks you up when you are falling down, and will stick with you through the good and the bad times that may occur.

Giving A Special Gift To Family

Since often times people may forget to remind their family members how thankful they are for them in their lives, it is a great idea to show them that you care. Also, many times family members are far away from one another and do not have time to always be together. Family reunions take place to reconnect and bond when everyone is together. This is a perfect opportunity to give family reunion party favors. Giving a special gift from Whitney Howard Designs to a family member in a reunion will make them very happy. Everyone loves gifts, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Aside from your siblings and parents, extended family can be just as important to an individual. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. can all be extended family members. Whitney Howard Designs knows how valuable extended family members are, which is why we provide our clients with the best quality extended family jewelry. It is very important to continue to build strong relationships with family members, because they are your biggest supporters.

Whitney Howard Designs provides a wide variety of unique accessories and jewelry that are perfect for family reunion party favors and extended family gifts. Our goal is to bring happiness to the lives of others, and spread special messages to all.

November 02, 2016


Family Reunions

The word “Family” is one of the strongest, most meaningful words for many people in this world. While every person can have a different perspective of the word family, it has a general concept. Family in a basic concept means that there is someone who loves and cares for you, and will do anything that will positively impact your life. Family can be just one person, and multiple people as well. If you have someone you can trust with your life, and that you can always count on when you need advice, than you have a family.

Why Family Is Important

The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to be of the same blood to be called family. Anyone who shows you proper appreciation can have this label for you. While some people have a number of people in theirs, others might not have ever had this experience in their lives. This is why it is so cherishable and valuable. Sometimes, you do not get to see the people you love for long periods of time, which is why reunions are so important to have at least annually. Whitney Howard Designs carries special family reunion gifts that can be shared with any member.


Family reunions are very special occasions to have in a person’s life. This occasion means that people who are close to one another get together to reunite and spend quality time together. You get to finally catch up on each other’s lives, and what has been going on with your family members. This is a chance to reconnect on a closer level, and giving gifts for family reunions can only make everything so much better. This is why Whitney Howard Designs provides special gifts for family members. This is an a way to inspire them and help them become closer with their relationships. Whitney Howard Designs encourages everyone to appreciate the people they have in their lives, and show them that they care about them, and you can do so with our memorable gifts.

November 01, 2016


Choosing Handmade Fashion Jewelry

There is something very special and unique about handmade accessories. Supporting one that has handmade items rather than manufactured gives that specific item more value and significance. You can tell the difference between a handmade and manufactured product within seconds, and certain qualities make handmade items stand out. There are many different qualities that make up handmade accessories. For one, no machines are used to make these items/products. That means that everything is made with an individuals own hands. Jewelry made by hand are actually much more sustainable because it does not use any type of machinery when made. You can see the unique details in an item when it is handmade, rather than manufactured.

Why To Wear Handmade Jewelry

Many people prefer to wear only handmade fashion jewelry because of its special look. Did you know that handmade jewelry is higher quality? This is because someone is taking their personal time to work on your piece slowly and cautiously rather than making a lot of it at once, so it most likely won’t break or tear. By doing this with your own hands, jewelry makers ensure that their products are perfect before preparing to be sold to their consumers. Handmade fashion jewelry from Whitney Howard Designs is made with high quality metals and fabrics, and will last you a long time.

A handmade piece of jewelry is an excellent gift to give. Did you know that handmade pieces help the environment? This is because it does not take machinery and electricity to make the items, it is all naturally done, helping us save energy. This is a great reason for gifting a handmade item, because of its special value. Whitney Howard Designs provides their clients with the best handmade accessories, so that they can wear it with honor and be proud of their pieces.