Buddha’s Inspiration

Buddha’s Inspiration

The Buddha was a sacred and idolized figure in earlier years. Gautama Buddha was looked upon as guidance and as a belief system for many people who were looking for a God like figure. The word Buddha is originated from the meaning of the word, which is “one who is awake”. He spread the teachings of belief of his system called “Buddhism” which was taught first to many people across India. His practices were widely known as he taught human beings how to end rebirth and their pain/sufferings.

Over the many years of his existence, he spread his teachings to various people such as merchants, servants, murderers, and nobles. In Buddhism, many people heal their spirits and their souls by using forms of meditation, similar to yoga. This meditation is used to simply promote karma and rebirth. By finding your own consciousness in yourself through meditation, it is said by Buddhists that they are able to reduce their sufferings.

Buddha rings have become increasingly popular since the spread of this religion came into play. Many people think of Gautama Buddha as their God, and wear jewelry with his quotes, his pictures, and his words for inspiration on a daily basis. They help people wake up every morning and do good for the world. Karma is a huge belief system for Buddhists, and it encourages them to obtain good deeds in the world. Kindness is always a part of this system, and that is where karma conjoins.

Whitney Howard Designs carries special Buddha jewelry to inspire others to spread good value towards others. Many people who do yoga as a form of meditation and relaxation started doing this because of the inspiration from Buddha himself, and found that it heals their souls. Buddha is a reminder to all that you can eliminate your sufferings and pain by working on yourself

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