'Collect Beautiful Moments' Wax Seal Focuses on Everyday Happiness

'Collect Beautiful Moments' Whitney Howard Designs Wax Seal Pendant

"Collect Beautiful Moments," is my new favorite quote.

These three words together make me feel warm, content, and happy.

Our new Whitney Howard Designs Collect Beautiful Moments Wax Seal pendant is a constant reminder to do just that.

Imagine if you were truly present each day to Collect Beautiful Moments. Try it: While navigating your days, take notice of simple beauty around you: a kind smile from a stranger, a shared laugh with a friend. The little, often missed, moments can fill us up when we’re feeling empty. Or, they can add to an already grateful life.

For 2018, I have this new wax seal on my favorite-colored Acai Seeds of Life bracelet, and I am armed, literally, as I slide the bracelet on every day. I am reminded to collect – to go out in my day and find those moments that make me happy, a mission of which I am happy to embark.

This 2018, join me to Collect Happy Moments.

Collect Beautiful Moments Wax Seal 

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