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"Dear Future Generations, Sorry"

Dear Future Generations,  Sorry 

 “You all know it as the Amazon Desert but years ago it was known as the Amazon Rainforest.” With tears rolling down my cheeks, I was captivated as I heard Prince EA speaking to the future about the “Amazon Desert.” A friend of mine told me to check out this video from Richard Williams, better known as Prince EA.  According to his website, his work includes, “creative, inspirational and thought provoking content.” I can attest to this. As I sat watching “Dear Future Generations,” his words both saddened and inspired me; listening to him made me feel devastated and empowered. What Prince EA was saying is, the abundant rain forests of the world filled with indigenous tribes, medicine, animals and trees are fading right before our eyes. Unfortunately there are some decision makers in the corporate world who are choosing to deplete the resources on our planet for temporary personal gain. I realized in that moment until those people awaken to the destruction they impart on our planet, we must take a stand and not sit idly by. If we care at all about future generations of people and our planet, we must act now. That is why we, at Whitney Howard Designs, partnered with Prince EA to take a Stand for Trees. Stand for Trees makes an impact on the planet in a positive way by creating a carbon offset by planting trees in the rainforests of the world.  In case you are unfamiliar with the term “carbon offset,” it basically means the compensation or “offset” for damage done elsewhere.  For our children, and their children, and their children, it is imperative we act now to help offset this destruction, or risk leaving nothing more than an apology to future generations. As another Earth Day approaches, Prince EA’s words ring especially true.  Are we making this planet a better place for future generations? At Whitney Howard Designs we have taken steps to ensure we are. You may have even noticed that every Whitney Howard Designs Acai Seeds of Life Bracelet has a little round tag attached that says, Stand for Trees to acknowledge our partnership.  When I look down at the bracelets on my arm, I have hope in my heart as I think of future generations. As Prince EA says at the end of his video, “an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” If we all do just a little to offset the damage being done, we will hopefully never need to say, “Dear Future Generations, I’m Sorry…”




May 16, 2017

What gorgeous bracelets and I love that purchasing them give back to help take care of the world!


May 09, 2017

I LOVE these bracelets. They are gorgeous and meaningful and I LOVE the giving back to STAND FOR TREES!


April 25, 2017

Love this post

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