Doing Good Because It Feels Good

Doing Good Because It Feels Good

Doing Good Because It Feels Good

How One Company Uses Gratitude to Drive and Thrive Its Business

Dateline: Calabasas, CA

In an age of fear and separation from Covid-19 and its related ailments; in an environment of ever shrinking business norms, a small jewelry and gifting company uses kindness and blessings to expand and grow its reach.

Whitney/Howard Designs, founded in 1999 out of a creative desire to bridge Retail with Significance, Chief Designer Whitney Schwartz says: “The more gratitude we’ve put out, the more abundance has shown up for us.”

Recently featured prominently in Calabasas Style Magazine (


As one of the region’s active philanthropic families in the area’s Small Businesses, and repeatedly recognized as a leader in its industry by media and industry analysts, Owner Howard Schwartz declares that “Gratitude has fueled our company, our brand, our designs, and our growth.” After all, their motto is “Doing Good Feels Good.”


But can “Gratitude” really be the core to the ubiquity of Whitney/Howard Design’s success? Possibly.

In recent reports published in Trade Press like Forbes, and even The New York Times, Gratitude in Business matters and it matters more today than ever.

“With every purchase we enclose extras of gratitude. It might be a pendant, a medallion, a charm, or simply one of our trademark BlessingRings®, but with everything we make or sell, we’re filled with a feeling that if it weren’t for others, we wouldn’t succeed.”

What’s a BlessingRing® you might ask? It’s a line of charms that can act as jewelry, as décor, or as symbolism with a multitude of inspirations to carry with you. “It’s such a simple accessory and yet it possesses the power to transform your life” offers a longtime customer as they peruse the inventory of gifts and jewelry.

Calabasas Style Magazine says, “Whitney Howard Designs collaborates with museums across the country to create historically themed pieces based upon their locations.”

Custom designs for corporate and institutional customers are as critical to their brand as are the individual consumer.

“We can never be thankful enough to our loyal customers and to those who have helped us succeed” offers company founder Whitney Schwartz.

Whitney Howard Designs is featured at museums throughout the US, retailers, as well as neighborhood gift shops near you.

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