Gotta love any word with “lust” in it!

Gotta love any word with “lust” in it!

Wanderlust – A strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. (

Wanderlust. The word sounds so intriguing. Even sexy.  The meaning should expand to include a passion to know more – to seek – to adventure. I don’t know about you but when I’m daydreaming, my mind is certainly roving about in reverie; thinking about sitting on the beach in Hawaii, having tiramisu at a sidewalk café in Florence or how I want to become a better daughter and visit with my parents more often. I am seeking to grow, travel, to simply be a better human.  It’s such a great word that we had to put it on two of our products! One of our employees has it tattooed on her foot . If you’re not ready for that to be your forever word, then try it on a Quotable Cuff or a Wanderlust Blessing Ring and hook it on your backpack or wear it around your neck.

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