I lived a miracle! I met Robert Daniels!

I lived a miracle! I met Robert Daniels!

I lived a miracle. It’s hard to believe.

This is how I met Robert Daniels!

A miracle worth sharing.

Last week I was lucky to catch an episode of  Ellen and on it Ellen and Cheerios gave away a million to a family that they think deserved it: $500,000 for the family and another $500,000 for the family to Pay it Forward.

The Daniels family gives back even when they are not living the most abundant life. One of the Daniels children told Ellen ‘he loves the feeling of giving to those in need.’ Ellen was impressed that the Daniels kids were so generous.

I talked about their story all weekend.

So touched after the episode, I made a video, and in it, I tell Ellen how much I appreciate her for the love she shares with the world.

Yesterday morning I tell my mom the story about this family on Ellen.

Hours later I’m at work and a postman, not my typical postman, comes in and asks ‘where should I put these boxes?’ I reply and go back to my office with Stephanie, a co-worker. Soon the postman says ‘May I ask what do you all do here, I see inspiring words all over your walls?’ I say ‘we design accessories for life’s journey. Depending on what you're going through in your life, our collection supports you on that journey. ‘The postman asks, ‘Do you like to watch Ellen and I say ‘Yes, I Do !!!!’ ‘Let me tell you both about an episode that was on the other day’!

I go on to tell the postman and Stephanie about this episode where Ellen and Cheerios give a family $500,000 plus another $500,000 to Pay it Forward. I went on and on about this family and how their children were grateful, how they thrive on giving and recognizing others needs outside their own. I share with the postman and Stephanie the video I made of me after I saw this family on Ellen and I’m crying to Ellen telling her how special she is. I kept telling them about the episode, how lovely this family was, how the couple loved and enjoyed each other and their love inspired me and when I was done, after the postman listened to my story he softly says...... ‘I’m Robert Daniels, ‘that was me and my family on Ellen last week.’ ‘It’s my family that won the million dollars.’

I could not believe this; I hugged him in disbelief, in love, in joy, in gratitude of the universe bringing us together.  I’m telling the story and I didn’t recognize him.

 ‘I have never seen you on this route.’ He said he never comes here but was helping out another post office, he lives in Hawthorne! It’s one of his last days, he had two stops and we were one of them. We hugged again.

Later he’s back to drop off more boxes, we are in one of our offices and on the whiteboard it says ‘Ellen DeGeneres - with words around it’ because we love Ellen and want to continue sharing with the world Gratitude as she does, so Robert sees that on the wall and we all know this is a Miracle Moment!’

Thanks Robert! Can’t wait to meet Christi and your boys!

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Best story ever! Did Robert share how he’s paying it forward?


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