John Muir Quote Jewelry

John Muir Quote Jewelry

John Muir, who was also referred to as “John Of The Mountains” was a great figure in history. He was an environmental philosopher, a naturalist, and an author. Many people looked up to John Muir as a public figure because he was a huge advocate of preserving the wilderness and nature. John Muir’s activism helped preserve many historical parks, such as Sequoia National Park and the Yosemite. He also wrote a very popular book read by many people, talking about his discoveries and his nature adventures. Whitney Howard Designs created John Muir Jewelry for those who are inspired to do good in the world, like he did himself.

John Muir is a big inspiration to our country. He cared about wildlife, and did everything in his power to help preserve it without harm. This is very courageous, while many activists in his time could not exceed to achieve what he has. He is proudly looked upon as a political spokesperson, and an ecological thinking human being. His work influenced many other people to continue to live on his legacy, and help preserve our precious nature. The special cuff bracelet Whitney Howard Designs created honoring John Muir says, “Climb the mountaints and get their good tidings”. This inspirational quote can have several different meanings, depending on each individual’s own perspectives. One meaning of this quote can be that nature is out there waiting for you, and you should go experience parts of nature that have not been ruined by humans. This will be a humble experience for you, and you should go explore nature to do some good for your body and soul.

While John Muir continues to inspire many people to wake up in the morning and go do what they love, Whitney Howard Designs special John Muir Braceletscan give you that extra boost of confidence. You can look at your bracelet every day and decide what type of story you want your life to tell. The journey is out there, and you just have to step out of your comfort zone to find true happiness.

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