The Meanings Of Promise Rings

The Meanings Of Promise Rings

You probably have seen a friend or family member receive a promise ring from their significant other, or maybe you even received one yourself. Promise rings are very special and valuable gifts, that have been used for many years to symbolize love. Did you know that promise rings have been given for many centuries? These special rings actually can have two different meanings.

The first meaning is that one wears a promise ring to remind themselves that they are pure and will save themselves for marriage. The second meaning is when given as a gift from a significant other, it is a promise that they will be together for eternity and get married one day. This is symbolized to show a couple how serious their relationship is, and that they are completely committed to one another. While both meanings are beautiful, Whitney Howard Designs provides I love you jewelry to let you know that you are loved every day.

Promise rings can be given in any way you wish. You can even give yourself a promise ring to remind you that there is so much more to life, and you have just seen a small part of it. Loving yourself is the most important start, because you can’t fully love someone else until you have loved yourself first. The word “I love you” is so valuable to each individual on earth, and being loved by someone is the most incredible feeling. That is why Whitney Howard Designs creates special jewelry to remind everyone that they are loved.

Promise rings are a very thoughtful and meaningful gift. If you have someone that you want to share your love with, than you should never wait. You should always go with your gut and what your heart wants you to do. Your significant other will appreciate this gift greatly and it will make them very happy. Don’t wait to tell someone you love them, because anything can happen at any moment in time. Waking up in the morning and looking at your I love you jewelry is truly a happy blessing.

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