'The Remember Rock,' A Gift for the Grieving

'The Remember Rock,' A Gift for the Grieving

I can recall it like it was yesterday. We are driving down Malibu Canyon crammed in the back of a pickup truck, my best friend, Melanie, her brother JJ, his surf buddies and me with not a care in the world. The only thing weighing on our minds: Will there be good waves this morning?

The wind whipped our hair around and even though we were a bunch of kids squished in the back of a truck without seat belts (these were the days when you could actually do that), we were thrilled, especially as we began to smell the ocean air and taste freedom! Honestly, it was the best way to spend a Saturday, and these memories bring me right back to a time when being young and carefree was all we knew.

JJ was not only my best friend’s brother but also, in my mind, a legend. He was an incredible surfer, skateboarder, great dancer and a total babe. He was cool in every way. Truth be told, I had a secret crush.

Last summer JJ passed away. Some legends aren’t meant to live forever. I miss him every day.

Another way to remember loved ones

When someone passes away it's customary to send flowers or bring food to those who are grieving. When I created The Remember Rock, I wanted to give something meaningful that could be treasured for years to come. The Remember Rock is a gift for the grieving. However, this is a process, which takes time. And everyone does it at their own individual pace. I have yet to mail the Remember Rock to Melanie or her family, but when I do, I know they will place it somewhere special, and it will serve as a reminder of JJ.

At Whitney Howard Designs we create meaningful objects that connect people to their life experiences. Our products touch lives in a profound way and connect people to their journey. Sometimes the journey isn’t one of our choosing. Yet, it is sincerely our hope, even in these moments, that we can connect you to those you love and the memories you hold, because we believe the person lives on in our memories, just like JJ will always be with me in my memories. He is part of my history, a part of my life, and he always will be. I have my own Remember Rock as a reminder of JJ. I put in in a beautiful bowl that is filled with sand and some seashells, and it helps me recall those days of salty, sandy surfers.

JJ, you will forever be a legend, and you will live on in my heart.

With love,


 **Recently, The Remember Rocks made their way to the 911 Memorial Museum in New York City; we are honored the rocks can help with healing from such a dark day in our history.

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What a meaningful gift!


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