William Shakespeare Inspired Jewelry

William Shakespeare Inspired Jewelry

William Shakespeare made a huge mark on history with his influential impact. Shakespeare was a famous English poet, actor, and playwright. He was most widely known for writing tragedies and romances such as Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, and many others. Many people continue to look up to this intelligent writer, and Whitney Howard Designs provides special Shakespeare quotable jewelry for his name to live on.

Shakespeare Inspired Many People

Shakespeare is considered a hero to many people, as they idolize him for all of his success. His special work with romances and tragedies helped motivate the people of his time to find love for one another, and to find love in plays. His main goal throughout his life was to entertain his crowds, and that he did. He introduced acting and playwriting in such a unique way, that Shakespeare inspired others to follow their dreams. He also had a unique and different use of words, some that people did not understand, but were eager to learn.

Whitney Howard Designs creates inspiring quotable cuffs for people of all ages. More specifically, the Shakespeare quoted cuff states a famous saying by the legend himself. “To thine own self be true”, while this special quote can mean something different to each person, it has a unique explanation. One meaning could be that you must always be true to yourself, and always be honest in your ways. Another meaning could be that you must always do the right thing, that you feel in your heart is correct. This special quotable cuff can help someone believe in themselves, and follow their dreams. This Shakespeare quotable jewelry can help someone get through good times, and bad times, and find strength.

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