In Loving Memory of Rocco, a faithful friend

In Loving Memory of Rocco, a faithful friend

Most days I walk the same path I always do, but this time my long time companion is not with me. My short, funny looking and ever so sweet dog has passed. The path I walk each day will never be the same without my furry friend, Rocco.

Today, however is different. Today I am placing a Pet memorial rock on the path I once walked with Rocco. I received this gift from a friend with a note enclosed saying , thinking of you during this time.’

This weighty, smooth, rock has a pewter heart mounted on it and it says “Forever in my Heart’ with a paw print. I walked my path, found a favorite spot of Rocco's, and placed the rock where I will see it on my walks, and have it serve as a constant reminder of my beloved pet.

My children who live far away now, are grieving the loss of Rocco as well, Rocco was their pet too. I visited the gift shop where the memorial rocks were sold so I can buy two for my children. One rock said In loving Memory and the other Forever in my Heart, each wrapped in an organza bag with a little tag.  Upon receiving it, my daughter Chloe told me she put the rock on a shelf next to her favorite photo of Rocco. My son said he was going to keep as a paper weight on his desk at work; I can still recall the day me and my kids saw Rocco for the first time at the rescue center.

I find myself turning the corner of my walk and what ever it was I was thinking is gone, I see the rock, nested at the roots of an old oak tree and I think of Rocco, smile, maybe shed a tear and keep on walking.

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