New Beginnings Blessing Ring (on back - trust and believe)

Blessing Ring tokens are versatile charms that touch the heart.

The New Beginnings Blessing Ring is a thoughtful gift for many occasions such as:

new home 

new baby 



new lease on life

starting over 

new career 


new girlfriend 

new relationship

celebrating adoption


Add to your pocketkey chain or necklace. Place a Blessing Ring in the hand of someone you want to gift it to, add to a card, add to the top of a gift, use as them as party favors or gift it on its own to make for one of those 'small gifts with huge meaning'.

Blessing Rings express poignant messages about all of life's biggest, unexpected, and everyday moments. Engraved on the back with an inspirational thought, these tokens become the perfect gift for many occasions.  

Blessing Rings  are heartfelt, meaningful, constant reminders.

Individually hand-crafted in lead-free pewter

  • Recycled lead-free pewter
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • American Made

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